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Agility/Obedience Training Classes at Clint Moore Animal Hospital

World Class Trainer Leslie Granville-Smith invites you to enroll in her new classes at Clint Moore Animal Hospital. All classes will be geared towards dog/handler relationships using operative training techniques and positive reinforcement. No harsh corrections. Emphasis on communicating effectively with your companion in order to reach any goal you set out to achieve. Whether that is a well-behaved dog at home, in the community, or a potential performance companion.

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Pet Adoption is the loving option!

So, you want to adopt a pet, huh? Great idea! Here are a few reasons why pet adoption is the loving option


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Read publication and Monthly Articles written by the Veterinarians at the Clint Moore Animal Hospital and Pet Resort

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AKA Good Citizen Program

What is it?
The Canine Good Citizen Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.

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Clint Moore Pet Resort

Pet Resort - Country Club and Day Spa

Clint Moore Animal Hospital’s Pet Resort-Country Club and Day Spa are committed to excellence in providing a fun, and worry-free experience for both you and your pet in South Florida. We provide boarding for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Birds, and other animals. We believe that leaving your pet when you travel should not be stressful time for either of you. We offer a luxurious, spacious, clean and secure facility that will give you piece of mind while you are away. Our passionate pet resort staff is here for one purpose, and one purpose only, to pamper your pet. Our highly trained staff prides itself in offering your pet an opportunity to exercise in our spacious play yards, and relax on soft beds while listening to soothing music and enjoying quite time. All of our furry and feathered friends always receive lots of personalized attention. We take pride in offering the finest veterinarian supervised Pet Resort and doggie day care in South Florida.

When choosing a dog boarding facility make sure to first take a tour of the facility you may even want to bring your pet along with you. Here are some important things to pay attention to while you are on tour:

  • Is the facility clean?
  • How does it smell?
  • Is there sufficient lighting & ventilation?
  • Is the temperature comfortable?
  • How often are the runs cleaned?
  • Is the dog run large enough?
  • Are toys and bedding welcome?
  • How often are pets fed?
  • Can you bring your own dog food?
  • Is the staff caring & knowledgeable?
  • Which current vaccinations are required?
  • Veterinary services should be readily available.
  • Are grooming & training services available?
  • Is there enough space for cats to move around comfortably?
  • Is there enough space between the litter box and food bowls?

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Clint Moore Animal Hospital Pet Resort Offers:

  • We offer 24-hour supervision
  • Serene setting on 5 beautiful country acres in Boca Raton
  • 100% free exchange air conditioning for your pets comfort
  • Hurricane Shelter Facility - Built to withstand any hurricanePet Resort Play Yard
  • Covered play area for rainy weather
  • Outdoor grass play yards provide space for even the most energetic dogs to get tired out
  • Bose sound system to provide soothing music piped into our suites
  • Playtimes for 15 minutes or scheduled or extended shared playtimes with multiple pets
  • Relaxing waterfall
  • Comfiest doggie beds
  • Clint Moore Pet Resort is family owned and operated by Dr. Brian Butzer since 1983
  • Hours: M-F 7:30 - 8:00 - Sat 7:30 -5:00 - Sun 8:00 - 3:00

Canine Guests will receive:

  • Choice of Deluxe Hotel Suites or Rocky Mountain Suites with a Norther Wilderness Theme
  • Canine Suites surround a landscaped river rock waterfall for the sound of soothing water
  • Spacious grass outdoor play yards with plenty of fun and healthy exercise
  • An outdoor play center offering games, toys, and special activities for our canine guests
  • Bose sound system with piped in music to give your pet a tranquil zen atmosphere
  • Air Exchanger to prove plenty of fresh air in our air conditioned atmosphere
  • Doggie Day Care

Feline Guests will receive:

  • Feline friends are given an exclusive resort location separate from all canine friends
  • New state of the art cat condos allow family members to stay together and explore through a maze of portholes
  • Soothing music, fish tanks, and play areas exceed any cats expectations
  • Cat suites are three story condos with a garden level, and a penthouse suite
  • Your cat will enjoy a large picture window overlooking the entire play yard. So they can safely view all daily activities of their canine friends
  • Cat Exercise: The kennel counselor will carry cats to play areas in our stimulating environment
  • Kitty day care

Boarding Guidelines

  • Each pet must be current on the following vaccination 8:
  • Dogs – Annual Rabies, Canine Distemper, Corona and semi-annual Bordetella  and Parvovirus
  • Cats – annual Rabies, Feline Distemper and Feline Leukemia
  • All necessary vaccinations can be administered upon arrival for boarding.
  • All pets will be checked for external parasites such as fleas and ticks, and if necessary will be treated immediately at the owner's expense.
  • Should any pet become ill while boarding, their condition will be assessed, the owner will be contacted if at all possible, and they will be treated accordingly at the owner's expense.
  • Any medications that your pet may be taking should be left with clear instructions. (additional fee may be applied)
  • Toys and bedding will be provided by Clint Moore Animal Resort and Spa. We will make your pet feel at home. ***Please label all items left with the pet's name and the owner's last name in permanent marker, and be aware that we cannot guarantee the condition of any items left in the clinic while boarding.
  • Boarding pets are admitted into, and discharged from the hospital during normal business hours only.

We feed Purina EN, this diet was formulated to provide a nutritious blend diet that is gentle to your pets stomach. Owners can bring in special food if they prefer.
All pets are bathed upon arrival, and at discharge at additional charge. Pets need to be free of fleas and ticks, and current on vaccines.   All pets are checked for fleas and ticks at admission to keep our hospital clean and free of parasites.
If your pet requires a special diet please either bring enough for the days your pet will be staying, or else notify the receptionist and they will be fed the diet if available (we carry Hill's, Eukanuba, Royal Canine and Purina veterinary prescription products) there will be an additional charge to the client. We will give medication, however we do not give tranquilizers or injections nor will we be able to board an animal that is on tranquilizers when they come in!!


At Clint Moore Animal Hospital spa & pet resort your dog will not only have a clean place to stay but also have scheduled walks, playtime, and have a supervised exercise yard in luxurious and fun filled environment. We also have our own doggie agility course, a large outdoor play yard, and a covered play area for those south Florida rainy days, ensuring your pet a day full of events even in bad weather.
The Doggie Pool is one of the favorites among our frequent distinguished guest’s. This beautiful down by the lake themed pool provides an excellent recreational and therapeutic atmosphere. There's simply no better place in Boca for your pet’s full boarding and day care!

We invite you to stop by to take a tour, and meet our kennel counselors. Our kennel counselors are all animal lovers, and we assure you that your pet is always in good hands. We’re proud of the quality of service we provide, and hope to make you and your pet part of our extended family.



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